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Tiger Strong Pro Self-Defense

Tiger Strong Pro Self-Defense

Whether traveling to a foreign country, going on the subway or walking on the streets, Pro Self-Defense is needed in today’s world. It is always best practice to avoid dangerous situations where your life could be in danger. Unfortunately we cannot always avoid becoming a target.

Introducing Tiger Strong’s Pro Self-Defense training.

Pro Self-Defense is a layered approach to self protection. 

Pro Self-Defense is a comprehensive real-life defense system. Our self-defense training system was developed in conjunction with members of military special forces and NYC police personnel. It is comprised of three components: identifying danger, verbal de-escalation, and eliminating threats. Every lesson is customized to suit each individual considering their age, size, physical condition, occupation and personal character. It is designed to put you in control and save your life. 

What We Teach



A key principle of Pro Self-Defense is becoming aware of, identifying and avoiding potentially dangerous environments and situations.



Our program will teach you how to use your voice, tone, and body language to calm a potentially violent situation before violence begins.



Learning how to take away an aggressor's will and ability to hurt you sets our program apart from other self defense courses.

Program Highlights

Assessing Dangerous Situations

Verbally De-escalating a Potentially Volatile Stiuation

Disarming Assailants Equipped with Knives or Guns

Dealing with Multiple Assailants

Fighting From the Ground

Single Strike Defense

Releases From Virtually All Chokes and Grabs

Guidelines to Determine When to Act and When to Acquiesce

Self-Defense Programs


Everyone needs to be able to protect themselves from those meaning to hurt us and our families. We will show you how,


High-powered executives are targets for criminals out for a quick profit. Don't fall victim to low-lives who want what you have.


Protect yourself from muggers, rapists and abusers. Pro Self-Defense will teach you how to not become another crime statistic.


Workplace bullying, verbal abuse and violence are all too common. Learn to identify and deal with these everyday threats on the job.

Law Enforcement

Fill the voids in your training with specialized self-defense techniques and strategies in private or semi-private sessions.

High Risk Job

Danger always exists for those in high-risk jobs. Doormen, journalists, law enforcers, and security guards all need training.

Common Threats

We Will Teach You How To:

Identify • De-Escalate • Eliminate

Pro Self-Defense for
Individuals, Professionals and Corporations

Customer Testimonials

"I work the night shift and my self defense lessons keep me feeling confident that I can handle myself on the way home. Thanks Tiger Strong."
Tracy Z.
"My job takes me into some pretty sketchy areas of the city. I feel better knowing I can take care of anyone who wants to cause me trouble."
Stephen D.
"My daughter now has the tools to stop the bully who was making her school day difficult. She looks forward to school again. I couldn't be happier."
Susan T.
Don't Become A Victim

2176 Violent crimes are
committed every 28 days
in NYC

Learn To Defend Yourself

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